Update - Looking for Travel Hotshots

Looking for Travel Hotshots
May 8, 2017

WE here at Driftr know how important the blogging community is, especially in travel. We fully support and hope to help your community thrive. Feel free to ask us about our profit sharing plan. We would like to help you make more money so you can do the thing you love so much for as long as you like.

Driftr is looking for 25 bloggers/Influencers to feature upon launch. We are looking for original concepts and content. Here are some that we would love to consider:

  • Spiritual Travelers – in search of enlightenment Single ladies – women traveling solo
  • Budget Travel – Traveling on a dime
  • Nomad Travels – Home is where the heart is
  • Born Abroad – traveling with a baby
  • Lifelong Honeymooners – Romantic getaways never get old
  • Weekend Adventures – Staycations and quick trips
  • Travel Groupie – coverage of music festivals, concerts in different cities, and the almost famous
  • Travel Budgets – financial blog with detailed plans on how to finance travel
  • Time Traveler – visiting remote locations that are stuck in time
  • Travel essentials – fashion and travel
  • Traveling Band – backstage pass to music in the making
  • Traveling Consultant – the wolf of business travel
  • Food Travelers – how far would you go for the best meal in the world?

Featured bloggers will be eligible for sponsored trips, meal stipend, participation in profit-sharing, and much more. If you are interested in joining the Driftr movement, please email your contact information and a link to where we can find your content to hello@driftr.us.