Driftr isn’t just the best travel journal app of 2018, it’s a community of travelers sharing adventures in real time


What exactly makes Driftr the best travel journal app?

The journaling feature on the Driftr travel app connects to the RSS feed from your blog or any other online journal. You can select relevant entries from and add them to your Driftr feed so that other users can follow along. Driftr is being called the best travel journal app because it allows travelers to augment their online digital platform and easily share moments from their travel journeys all in one place.

Other users on Driftr can follow your travel feed which may influence their next trip as well as the overall travel community. Once you’ve created an account, add a photo and a bio to your profile and start adding travel articles and trips. Any good travel journal app should allow you to log how many days you’ve been on a trip, how many kilometers you’ve traveled, and any notable moments you’d like to include. The Driftr app streamlines these features and after a long trip, you’ll have thorough documentation of your expedition and preserved memories right on your phone.

After logging different trips and vacations you’ve gone on, go ahead and check out other people’s experiences! Your feed will show you when other users publish a travel blog post or upload some photos. But Driftr is not just the best travel journal app of 2018. There are plenty more features designed specifically for wanderlusts.


So what makes Driftr more than just a travel journal app?

Driftr connects to all of your social media accounts (including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest) so you can access and display all your adventures in a single spot. The all-encompassing travel app is available for iPhone and Android. In addition to being a handy travel journal app, Driftr is an online community of travelers and an utterly useful resource for planning your next trip.

Online Community of Travelers

Even though Driftr is being called the best travel journal app of 2018, it’s really the online community of travelers that makes the journaling feature so powerful. On the app, you can see where other people have been and where they’re going next. The platform allows you to message other travelers and chat with them about their past adventures. If you find that someone is going to a country or city at the same time as you, you may want to schedule a meetup! Additionally, Driftr allows you to create groups that house their own feeds and discussion boards. In true social media fashion, the app also lets you like people’s activity, utilize hashtags, and tag others in your photos.

The Best Online Travel Resource

Perhaps most importantly, Driftr is one of the best travel resources out there.  Endless travel tips and tricks can be discovered on the app. When you’re planning your next globe-trott, get inspired by your favorite travel influencers on the app. You can see where they went and what they did at your next destination. Check out the mapped trips of other travelers and read about what they would recommend or dissuade others from doing at that location.

To discover more travel tips and first-hand experiences, check out more articles on our blog or listen in on The Best Travel Podcast hosted by Driftr’s Seth Freedman.


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