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Why Travel Blog Apps?

We believe that days spent traveling are some of the most meaningful, thrilling, and personally defining days in an individual’s life. They are inevitably filled with adventure and serendipitous surprise. Frankly, we haven’t found an activity that embodies “living life to the fullest” more than traveling. So of course, we want to hold on as tightly as possible to these memories so we can share and relive them in as much detail as when they really happened.

These days there are about a thousand different ways you can choose to document and share your adventures, from simply jotting notes down in a diary at the end of your day to strapping a GoPro to your chest and sharing a stream of (literally) the entire trip. Every travel fanatic has their preference, and ours happens to be travel blog apps. We’re not alone in this opinion. Far from it, actually. Today, a continually increasing number of travel bloggers are turning to travel blog apps to share the best of their adventures, and we’re here to tell you why we’re obsessed.

Less Work, More Blogging

Quiz time: Most people who are looking to start a travel blog are excited by the prospect of…

  1. Spending hours working on a layout that still looks awkward
  2. Learning three new computer coding “languages”
  3. Blogging about travel

That’s right, the correct answer is blogging about travel. Obviously. But what many would-be bloggers don’t realize is that all of those technical responsibilities are huge parts of running your own website. And unless you’re a super-nerd for computer coding, you will quickly find yourself frustrated by the amount of time these tedious challenges eat up. In fact, it’s not uncommon for people to quit their blogging website efforts altogether simply because it was so hard to get to the actual blogging part.

For all of these people, we give you: travel blog apps. At Driftr, we have a whole team of developers who have already produced the perfect platform for you to share your adventures. Thanks to them, you can forget about all the technical challenges that come with running a website and focus on the blogging. And although the platform has already been built, there is still plenty of room for each user to personalize their own page and develop a unique brand of travel blogging. In fact, when you leave the nitty gritty tech challenges to our expert software engineers, you actually end up with more time to make your page unique. So please, if you were thinking about starting a travel blog website, save yourself the headache and just use an app.

Travel Blog Apps Let You Capture The Moment While You’re In It

One of our favorite things about using a travel blog app is that in lives in your phone, which means that it’s pretty much with you wherever you go. While websites require access to a computer to be updated, Driftr and other travel blog apps let you post in real time. Did you discover a hidden garden on your way to lunch? Snap a pic, write a caption, and post it right away. Just reached the summit of the tallest mountain in South America? Share a victory video while you’re at the peak. Score an invite to party with foreign royalty? You definitely need to share that, now. Whatever the adventure may be, posting about it in real time captures the genuine enthusiasm that you feel in the moment better than a reflection at the end of the day ever could. It also helps your friends back home and fellow travel-enthusiast followers feel as though they are experiencing the excitement right alongside you rather than hearing about it in the past-tense. While travel blog websites are a fine place to write a formulaic summary of the high points of your trip, travel blog apps allow you to paint an emotional, authentic picture of your adventures as they unfold.

Travel Blog Apps Include Built-In Communities

Another classic challenge that travel bloggers who opt for websites face is gathering a solid following. The internet is an enormous place, and even the most thoughtfully crafted websites get lost in it. Aside from your loyal grandma and two best friends who actually click the link you send them, it can be really hard to get your blog noticed by a larger audience. In fact, there are many marketers whose entire professional careers are dedicated to understanding the mysterious algorithms used by search engines, and they still struggle to get a website noticed.

Again, travel blog apps are the solution! By using apps like Driftr, you’re automatically connected to an audience that cares about your content—travel enthusiasts. It’s fairly safe to assume that anyone who downloads a travel blog app is looking to discover… well, travel bloggers. As you can imagine, it’s not hard to earn a “follow” when you have an interested audience so readily available. And don’t forget, the benefits of being connected with a whole community of travel fanatics go both ways: Not only will you gain a loyal following for your own blog, you will also connect with a bunch of amazing people who can offer you a tip or two about travel.

Travel Blog Apps: The Best of the Best

So, the secret’s out: travel blog apps are basically a dream come true. You get the ease of use that comes from using a reliable platform, but you don’t have to give up the freedom to develop a personalized brand for your blog. You are automatically connected with a community of people who share your interests, but you can still share your blog with the non-travelers who live vicariously through you back home. And perhaps most wonderful of all, travel blog apps are the absolute best way to document your memories so you can relive your adventures time and time and time again. Bon voyage!

Lucas Derailya

Lucas around the web:

Lucas is the Director of Content at Driftr, creating valuable content related to the travel industry and how social media and technology are changing the way people travel today.

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