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The Best International Travel Tips and Tricks

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just dipping your toes into the world of international travel, there are a few lesser-known hacks you should know. Even some of the best travel websites won’t give you these international travel tips and tricks, but keeping them in mind will make the next journey you go on your best yet. The following tips pertain to short tourist vacations, international cruises, and long-term overseas travel.

Travel Tip #1: Don’t Plan Too Much

When it comes to international travel tips and tricks, this is the one most people have to learn the hard way. A lot of the best travel websites want you to book your entire itinerary through them and won’t tell you that some of the best journeys involve very little planning. Be patient and don’t freak out if every little thing doesn’t go as planned. You might miss your bus, run into adverse weather, or end up staying somewhere unexpected. Go with the flow!

Travel Tip #2: Wake Up Early

Get out at (or before) sunrise while you’re overseas. Not only will you get to see the sunrise in a foreign country, you’ll be able to avoid crowds and check out coffee shops and other attractions without any lines. In addition, you’ll get more of a local feel since residents are usually out starting their workdays earlier than most tourists rise.

Some of the best international travel tips and tricks might sound like common sense, but putting them to practice can be a major challenge. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and have one too many drinks with new friends, especially if you are staying at a hostel. Hostels are a great place to socialize and meet new people, but can also be distracting and hinder your ability to wake up early. If you find this to be true for you while traveling internationally, consider paying a little bit more for a private room or even a cheap hotel every once in awhile so you can ensure an early rise.

Travel Tip #3: Get to Know the Locals

Getting up early is a great time to converse with the locals, which is something you should make sure to do on any international trip! Of all of these international travel tips and tricks, this might be the most rewarding. The people living in the country you’re visiting will know the best walking routes, restaurants, and markets that may be unknown to most tourists. If there is a language barrier, just try smiling and say hello! Meeting some locals will definitely enrich your international travel experience.

Travel Tip #4: Stash Some Cash

Cash is an acceptable currency all around the world. When you’re traveling internationally, it’s a good idea to hide some in a few different places like a toiletry bag, socks, or books. If your credit card is not accepted somewhere or you lose your wallet, you’ll be glad you stashed some money and will be able to better manage in an emergency.

Travel Tip #5: Back It Up!

Before you venture out on an international trip, make sure you have paper and digital copies of your passport, driver’s license, visa, health insurance card, and important phone numbers. You may even want to put everything on an external hard drive, just in case. This will save your ass in an emergency.

Travel Tip #6: Don’t Overpack

When you’re packing for international travel, ease up! An extremely common theme with traveling is that people usually don’t need or use half the items they pack. Bring the essentials and plan to wear repeats! A basic rule of thumb is if you’re not sure if you should pack something, you probably won’t need it.

Next time you’re preparing to head out on an overseas adventure, review these international travel tips and tricks for a more smooth, enjoyable, and efficient trip. For more international travel tips and stories, check out Driftr’s The Best Travel Podcast or more from our blog.

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