Mistral Majorca: The Best Coffee in Spain

Mistral Majorca: The Best Coffee in Spain


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Heading to Spain?

Don’t you dare leave until you hope over to Palma, Majorca and hit up Mistral Coffee, the only specialty roaster on the island. The roastery is known for serving some of the best coffee in Spain, from espresso to flat white to V60 filtered drip.

Started as a Yacht Captain Now I’m Here

The coffee shop was founded by two friends, Greg and Agata, who have a shared love of good cup of joe. Before starting Mistral Majorca, Greg worked as a captain on a super yacht. The coffee roaster grew from Greg and Agata’s passion for brewing and drinking specialty coffee and the desire to share their roasts with the rest of Palma, Majorca.

Mistral is the name of a well-known northwesterly wind in the Mediterranean that blows from the South of France into the Gulf of Lion. Its winds can reach up to 115 miles per hour. The island of Majorca has a strong connection to the sea and sailing, so naming the coffee shop after the strong Mistral wind seemed like a perfect fit.

The Best Beans from Around the World Make for the Best Coffee in Spain

Each bag of coffee is packed from a single region, but the beans are sourced from farms all around the world. Mistral Majorca roasts a selection of high-quality coffee beans from Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Brazil, each with its own unique flavor palette.

Specialty coffee has become something that the people of Palma really care about. The island’s community is invested in Mistral’s journey to find the best tasting coffee and discover new ways to brew the beans.

Get a Taste of Local Java

As the largest city in the Spanish Balearic Islands, Palma is known for its Plaça d’Espanya (transport hub), La Seu cathedral, and Old City. Old City (or Old Town) consists of a maze of narrow, crowded streets. The streets are lined by a variety of beautiful old buildings, most of which are private houses.

Located on a quiet back street of Old City, welcoming and aesthetically pleasing Mistral Majorca is a must-visit in Palma. The coffee is roasted on-site and is available in a variety of delicious concoctions. Stopping for a cup of coffee at Mistral Majorca will allow you to get a real taste of the island and the locals’ way of life. It’s coffee luxury and Spanish culture all in the one cup.

The people are nice, the vibe is chill, and the shop is known for making the best freshly-roasted cup of coffee around. Greg and Agata are experienced coffee connoisseurs. They welcome all guests into the roastery and love sharing their enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge about the process of creating truly amazing coffee. It’s easy to see how committed they are to developing a perfect cup of joe.

Take a Bag of the Best Coffee in Spain to Go

Mistral’s roast is so good, you’ll want to take a bag (or two) with you on your journey. The company is is all about community and spending time outdoors with the best coffee. A smooth cup from Mistral is perfect in the morning before you head out and explore the rest of Spain. Or stash a bag in your luggage and share it with your loved ones and fellow coffee nerds when you return home.

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