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We found the digital technology that unites planning resources, social media, and interactive travel. We decided to build a single space that uses best-in-technology to let you post personal experiences and adventures through photos, videos, reviews, articles, advice and more. Explore the globe with an interactive social map that also behaves as a social media feed and find unique deals at local places, no matter your location.

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We Unite The Global Traveling Community

Driftr isn’t just a revolutionary travel social network uniting the global community, it’s the best travel app for iPhone, Android, and web that helps you plan, book, trip, record, and share your adventures on a single platform.

We are excited to announce the launch of our multimedia, multi-channel platform which will tie the amplification of travel social media directly to you the travelers. As a Driftr, you can access this revolutionary social network for travelers on the Driftr travel app for iPhone and Android, as well as through the web. Driftr keeps you connected on any device, anywhere in the world, and can even be used offline to manage moments and experiences from secluded locations.

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We Find Unique Deals At Local Places, No Matter Your Location

We love the friends we already have across the globe and love meeting more. We began Driftr, first, as a place that unites the global traveling community and gives each of you a place to find each other and a way to travel savvy and easy. Driftr provides exclusive travel deals all across the world to help you save time and money when planning and booking your next trip.

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