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We are a band of travelers and explorers, having covered most of the knowable world.

Like you, we crave the unconventional. We seek out the unfamiliar and extraordinary adventures. We will travel those extra miles to capture that unforgettable photo, savor that unforgettable bite and find the unforgettable experience.

Whether bathing an elephant at a rescue in Thailand or spending summer skiing in Chile, our goal is to find places, seek adventures, while supporting and connecting the travelers experiencing them.

A Social Network For Travelers

If you have ever wanted to capture the essence of a travel experience, try Driftr. We believe that you deserve a spot on your phone and across the web that helps you plan, travel, and post your adventures as easily as you can share a selfie, order food, or take an Uber across town. We are a collection of passionate travelers who come from technology, travel, hospitality and we invite you to join us and enjoy travelling easy.

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The Best Travel App For iPhone And Android

Driftr is more than just a social network for travelers, it’s the best travel app that lets you plan, trip, record and share your travel adventures in a single space. Whether you’re trotting the globe, exploring your neighborhood, or inviting other Driftrs to your place of business, simply download the app and start sharing with the Driftr Network today.

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A Community Of Leaders In Travel

The Driftr network was established to identify individuals who are leaders in travel – the driving force in the decisions travelers make when deciding where to go and what to do. We support our Network Members and recognize how vital they are to the travel industry. If this seems like a fit for you, Driftr is always seeking talented travelers to contribute content, join our team or apply to the Driftr Network.

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A Content Publishing Platform For Travelers

Do you love to travel and share stories about your adventures? At Driftr, we believe your stories should be heard. Become a contributor and share your experience  with the world! We love hearing a great story, and it is our mission is to support the travel community.

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