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Hey fellow Driftrs, Seth Freedman here, it’s our pleasure to share with you the story of Driftr.  We are a band of lifelong travelers and explorers, having covered, between us, most of the knowable world.

Like you, I imagine we crave the unconventional types of adventure, bring us the unfamiliar, the extraordinary.  We are intent on going the extra distance for that unforgettable shot, unforgettable taste, unforgettable experience, whether it’s in search of the best baked potato in Turkey or a summer spent skiing in Chile.   We want friends across the planet.  We want to be united.  We want to know more, to see more, to do more.  We want to share what we know.  Tell us what you would do again 100x and then tell us what totally sucked – hey, we may still go there!

Driftr is a place to be together while apart.  It’s a place that joins us wanderers with the destinations we want to go to, with the people we want to meet, with the culture we want to be a part of, with the world that we wish to know better.

Check out our group of Travel Hotshots (aka bloggers) that know what’s up.  They do this for a living and we think that is f**king cool.

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